Thursday, June 30, 2005

My first bowling experience

Team building day wahooo. Everybody came in early to get ready for the team building. We choose to play bowling somewhere near our office with dinner at Max's fried chicken. Yummy, we had a chicken (of course max chicken what do you want to eat???), some noodles, lumpia shanghai, kare kare, Sinangag and caramel bar. Yummy yummy yummy!

After dinner, we went straight to Coronado lanes to play bowling =). It was my first time, and first thing we did was to rent bowling shoes... fortunately they had the biggest shoes i have ever seen, i took a size 12 and it fit perfectly (giants feet?? =P) one thing i liked about the shoes were you could open them up wide (my feet is wide =P)

Putting on the shoes was easy (what's that smell?? ,my own feet =P) and next was picking up the right bowling ball. There was not really that much balls to choose from... not there was a lot, and i mean a lot of ball sizes but i went straight to get a 10++ ball.... anything lower just won't fit in my fingers =P

And so after picking a heavy.. real heavy ball, i took my luck on the the bowling lane.. threw the ball and oh well beginner's luck just does not apply.. i threw the ball with a giant thud on the wooden lane (as in THUDDD!!!) and it slide slowly onto the gutter to give me a promising score of 0 =P (ready for children's league =P).

Fortunately with every try i made small improvements, even managed to make a few spare at the latter end of the team building =). oh well i just remembered we won in the last game... (the group were seperated into two) they were bettin on the food for friday's lunch.. maybe it was a joke.. maybe a trick.. but i won and that keeps me in a safe position.. no pressure no nothing =P (I had to win, i am such a cheapstake jks =P)

Well i can say i went home tired.. real tired.. my fingers can't even hold a pen properly.... (guess that's what happen when you try to throw the heaviest balls =P) It was a fun experience... and i smell food jks !

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Return of the Momy & Popy dears

And yes, today my Mommy and Poppy dears will be coming back from their vacation (an exile from all the troubles eh? don't think so, vacation is not a word you'll find in my parent's dictionary =P ). A business trip then? nah... a business trip is to formal a word perhaps. They went on a trip, and that's it =P. no other questions asked ok? =P

Tuesday night, they were supposed to be back on 9:00 PM. Hey guess what, their plane was delayed till 12PM.. yes they arrived midnight... but before we get there that delay really caused me a ruckus of problems. and i'll be narrating that now.

10PM I disembarked (hehe dunno which word to use =P) on my voyage to fetch my parents, it was not a planned thing, because of the delay the driver had to go home 9:00 PM (he won't report in tommorrow if he goes home late =( ) and so I had to drive.

First problem occured just a few seconds after starting our car... clutch was a mess, you had to pump the clutch or else it won't work. I had to drive to the airport constantly kicking the clutch (yeah kicking, actually like pumping water out of a well =P)

Afraid i won't be able to switch gears i tried to take routes which required less stops this led to my second problem. I took diosdado macapagal highway, sure the drive was easy it took me less than 30 minutes to get to the end of roxas boulevard...(i was running at around 300mph??? hehehe jks am gonna get unfortunately i took a wrong turn and i was soon on my way to the provinces =(... Now I had to pass a toll gate, paid 30 bucks and went straight back on my way to the airport.

Fortunately, no problems happened when i fetched my parents and we were able to get home safely (got used to pumping water now... anyone need help with that deep well?? hehe =P) Got home at around 1:00 am and went straight to bed =P (too tired) =)

Monday, June 27, 2005

being a lazy bum =)

today is the day i try to be a lazy bum.. =) woke up 6 am in the mornin' and went back to bed.. getting up at around 10 am. Stayed in bed for a little bit longer and got up just to get something to eat. It's not like i'd like to be a lazy bum, but i'm sick today =) fever and cold (no, i'm not feeling cold.. i mean i have coughs and colds =P....) =).

it's been a long time since i've been like this =), constantly taking my temperature taking in medicine in timed intervals =). It's not fun, especially when you have not taken a bath for a few days now (yuck.... you smell like trash =P) Medicine tastes bad (have nothin to write... can't taste the medicine.. tablets =P)

with all my ranting here there are still a few good things from being a lazy bum.. sick.. =) First, I get to watch all those dvd's which i have planned to watch since last year =P, i've watched samurai x today, constantine and others just to name a few =P (did not have any problems with anyone disturbnig me, it's a monday everyone is either in skul or at work yeah !)

Another reason to be happy about is you get to sleep like there is no tommorrow. You lie in bed the whole day, gettin up only to get something to eat or drink (wow a real fast way to make that tummy bulge =P) you pretend to be asleep when somebody knocks on the door and still pretend you are sleeping when somebody calls (don't wanna pick up the phone eh? =P but actually i was the one to pick up every phone call today =) )

Ok and another reason to be happy about is..... I can't think of anything anymore... it's not like I don't have any other things to do.. but that's probably all i did for today. =) gotta go ciao !

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Today is my Mom's Birthday

Today I've worn a red (actually pink =P ) long sleeves to work. Reason? It's my mom's birthday... and like my other posts.. I just want to say Happy Birthday and wish you many more to come ! I've greeted her today early morning before going to office...

8 hours passed and I was again on my way home, rode the bus and took the jeep. No I did not buy any gifts... did not have the time... (ok that was an alibi =P ), I think it's not really in the family to buy gifts during birthdays... it's probably something brought down... carried down through chinese tradition. =P Well may be this year i'll try and change that... just maybe... (i never said yes.. okay i'm making my point clear here =P )

I got home at around 9 pm, ate my dinner (with noodles =) chinese tradition) and that's probably it. =)

Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Busy Father's Day

Nope, i'm no father (don't even have a girlfriend =P). Today is father's day, a rather busy day for me. Yeah yeah you think i'm bluffing but seriously I was busy and still am busy.... and is very very busy =P (Can't think of anything else.... I am busy =P)

Had to finish some work today, and no i'm not going into the details. oh well things have been going around my head lately (literally... can't you see i'm typing everything over and over again... =P)

Stayed at the computer the whole day, didn't even change from the clothes i slept in... taking breaks once in a while.... only stopped pounding on my computer when nature calls or to get something to eat =) (I'm such a workaholic =P, well i guess i'm starting to be one... =P).

Finished working at around 8 PM (just now)... was already wonderin' where we'll be going to eat, my parents and my sisters have went to the mall earlier and we have planned to meet somewhere there... it's gettin' late and I am hungry... wait.. just got their message gotta go. =) bye !

Friday, June 17, 2005

Watch "Batman Begins" great movie!

Today, I went to watch "Batman Begins". Am not really a big fan of Batman, however I would really recommend this movie to all of you... for me this has got to be by far, the greatest Batman movie ever ! =)... Now don't just listen to me... go out and watch the movie for yourselves.. (after reading my post of course =P)

Not too optimistic of gettin to watch the movie, ( I was denied to watch Starwars III 2 times, no tickets left ) I left the office at around 6:00 PM, took a cab this time instead of walking and luckily I was able to get my hands on those last few movie tickets Yehey !

I went to buy some food from Kentucky Fried Chicken (ummm i ordered 2 chicken fillet sanwiches and a go go sandwich, plus fries and a mineral water. I wasn't hungry ayt ! =P ). Went back and lined up to enter the cinema.

Settled for the seat 2nd nearest the screen (did not have any choice, the next seat was like forever and it was nice sittin near the screen =P). The movie was cool you get to know where batman came from, his history (title is "batman begins" ayt..? what do you expect =P). The script/stoy was terrific, Batman was real serious here unlike the other batman movies. Then there was this quote which i liked "It's not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you."... i dunno why i liked it.... maybe someday i'll know... =). (what are you waiting for... already finished reading my post.. go get urselves a ticket and watch this movie !!!.. go go go now ! =P)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Today is Vanessa's Birthday

And I forgot about it. Am so sorry, what kind of a friend am I if I can't even remember my friend's birthday. =(. Thanks Domz for reminding me =)

Anyways, Wish you a Very Happy Birthday and may you have many other birthdays to come. Wish you success in your future endeavors and May God Bless you !

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

First aid class =)

Before starting, I would just like to point out that this post should not be used as a guide to perform first aid. Why? because I might be giving wrong instructions here and there plus i'm no professional in first aid.. just wanted to share what I learned from the first aid class. =)

Today I will be joining a first aid class (still trying to be a student eh ? =P). Again of the things i've really regret during my high school years is not joining any of the first aid clinics ( have i ever mentioned I was a boy scout for 4 yeara... so I should know some first aid ayt =P) ever offered. I don't know why i was interested in the course... maybe because of its practical use.. maybe it was because i thought it might be fun...?

Then End of day came (5:30) I left the office immediately, disregarded my friend's advise to bring an umbrella (the reason why I was soaking wet through out the class. =P so much for prevention =P) and got there just on time before the class starts. The class was real fun and I would like to encourage you all to attend this class=).

We covered I think seven topics and this included the following:

1. ABC's of first aid and CPR
The ABC's of first aid stands for Airway, Breathing and Circulation. I am not gonna explain the whole process as it is rather lenghty.. you may search for it your self =) (I just did there are a lot of em =) ). The thing to remember is to use the head tilt/chin lift to clear the airway, then use mouth to mouth resuscitation to give two breaths and perform CPR. (see! you don't perform mouth to mouth resuscitation immediately you know, so don't try to take advantage of the situation =P)

2. Choking
Next time you see someone claiming to be chocked yet is still able to talk... just watch him fix himself up =P. According to the instructor, as long as the person could still speak he/she could still cough that thing out. If you believe the person is really chocked, you should perform the heimlech maneuver (dunno if im spelling this right =P). Go over the back of the patient and hold put his hands down (always reassure the patient you are helping him... u don't wanna have someone start panicking) clench your fist and put it somewhere above the stomach... (dunno how to explain the position) and push and up to simulate coughing. When the patient turns blue ( not literally of course ), perform the ABC's of first aid... You may also sweep the person's throat when he/she is asleep (say good bye to your hand if the patient is still awake)

3. Burns
Contrary to populat belief, never use colgate on burns, this only worsens things. As always, use running water and soap. Another interesting thing is electrocution is only dangerous in high voltages (1000 voltage i think??.. so........ mad with your roomate?? is it safe to assume "the 110 volt electric plug could come in handy ?" =P joke ! of course not.... people getting electrocuted still suffer shock you know? =P )

4. Poisoning
Whenever a person is poisoned, try to poison to the hospital with the patient. Poison is treated several ways according to type of poison=). On Dog bites (rabies) immediately get yourself injected with anti rabies, also keep the dog with you (if I were u, ill throw that animal into the waste basket =P), if the dog dies within 14 days then chances are, you may be infected with rabies.

5. Dislocation
If you ever see a bone sticking out of someone's body don't ever .. and i mean ever try to but it back =P. When ever dislocation happens, the best thing to do is to splint the wound and bring the patient to the hospital.. seek medical assistance =) (or maybe if you are mad.. u could try putting the bone back joke ! =P)

6. Bleeding
The thing to do when someone is bleeding is to stop the bleeding (that absolutely made sense =P) and to do that the most basic tip is to apply pressure on the wound. Some other points discusssed in this topic is never pull any impaled objects off a wound, because that object might be the thing which prevents blood from gushing out of a person's body. also use alcohol and agua oxinada.. beside the wound only, these chemicals may destroy skin cells. =)

7. I cant remember ='(
As much as I would like to share all topics discussed...(WHAT!!! you don't wanna hear anymore of this crap =P) I really can't remember =P (must have amnesia =P). Anyways, if anyone of you still remembers the seventh topic could you please post them in the comments and i'll be happy to add it here =) (you may guess too =P) Thanks !

P.S. People doing first aid should always know their limitations and should always call emergency services. =) and before trying to help a person.... please ensure that the place is safe, there was once a time (story from the class =P) when one guy who went into a well fell unconscous... another man came saw what happened went in fell down unconscious.. there was almost 10 people inside when someone knew they had to call for help.

P.P.S. This post does not serve as any guide in first aid.. Heck I never even tried any of the things i've said above. So if you wanna learn first aid... go get a course from a pro =P

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Joined Google Adsense

Today I've joined the google adsense program. I was looking around the internet to add something into my blog or something new and i've bumpt it. For those of you who don't know, Google adsense is a program which allows small publishers (like me) to display PPC advertisements on our websites. It helps publishers earn advertising revenue in a easy way.

Anyways, once i've learned about it, i thought it was a real interesting program, I will be able to earn revenue while still enjoying updating my site =P. I immediately read all things about it and even went to other sites on what they would say about the program =)

And so I joined the program, submitted a form and wished that my request will be approved. After a day, I received an email that my site was eligible to join the program. I was overjoyed that I started placing the ads (according to rules of course) into my site. If you are also intereted in joining the program you may look at the Google adsense homepage which i've put as link above =)

Am also looking into adding rss feeds ( i mean links to rss feeds to my site ) will be adding them soon =). (as of now, I have added Yahoo, MyMsn, NewsGator, Pluck and bloglines...=) )

Monday, June 13, 2005

Today is Julie's Birthday

I don't know how she did it, but the President has just declared June 13 her birthday a holiday. The president must really like her =P (June 12 is a holiday here but the president moved it to June 13 because June 12 is a sunday in order to give more free time to the people. =)

Oh well, I don't know what to say except Happy Birthday and may you have many other birthdays to come. Wish you success in your future endeavors and May God Bless you !

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Reformatted my computer

Yes, today is the day I will reformat my PC. After months of telling myself you have got to reformat that pc... if finally happened =P. Chose this day because tommorrow, June 13 is a holiday here and so I will have an extra day to fix errors if there will be any.

I started out backing up all files, moving them to my back up harddrive (80 gigabytes =P). Then reformatted my primary harddrive (120 gigabytes). After a few hours i've finally reinstalled my Windows.. and other applications. Went online and downloaded all patches...(boy I almost fell asleep waiting for the downloads to finish =) I'm only using a dial up connection =))

Well at least my efforts were not wasted, after almost 8 hours I have finally finished reinstalling everything from scratch. =) My computer boots up faster.. a lot faster than before and the desktop is real clean and tidy =) (just wait for a few days and you'll see =P).

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Have you went to see my movie?... yes my movie... Mr. and Mrs. Smith =P joke ! Enough of my dreaming.. and on with the post =). Today was supposed to be a high school friends reunion day, but it seems everyone is so busy with their tasks nobody came =(

So we went to glorietta (ne, my friend dennis and Hiram) to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith =), we had free tickets (actually me friend, dennis had them...). We arrived at around 3:00 PM, and went to get our 4:00 PM (i think) tickets... We had an hour before the movie so we went to buy some food from Burger King. The guy in the counter must have been real pissed off because.. I said "1 whopper meal please...(after a few seconds) no can you change that to a single whopper please plus mineral water?.... (then after everything was on the bag) on second though could you change that to a meal again" =P

So after buying the food, we went straight in to the movie house. The place was almost full when we got in so.. we settled at the left side of the cinema.... at the back...=). The film started after a few previews of the upcoming movies (batman returns, War of the worlds... ill probably watch these 2 next time =P), the previews just gave me enough time to devour my whopper sandwich and fries. :)

Okay now for the spoilers =P jks. The movie was funny... romantic in a way... great cast... great acting... and features two of the most beautiful people in hollywood =P (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in case you don't know). The movie starts out with Mr. and Mrs. smith talking to their marriage counsellor... and the story of how they met... and so on and so forth. So i'm not giving you any more details... just get out of your seat... go to the nearest movie theater and watch the film, and most importantly.... ENJOY !

Friday, June 10, 2005

My first month anniversary blogging

Just wanted to say thank you to all those who have supported me. Thank you, I could not have done it without you =P (ok enough with all pleasantries... this ain't any awarding ceremony =P)

After one whole month of blogging, I can say that it is not really easy to maintain a website. Everyday you have to look for something to write (not everyday actually =P) and you have to give some time in order to write it. But it's also fun, you get to write things down, share it with your friends and other people around you. (so don't share something you don't like to let others know... like that time when ..... =P)

Thing is, I find this blog to be really entertaining and sometimes through it, you get to appreciate the things that you do, things sometimes you just take for granted are all highlighted and you get to see things differently (sometimes... i don't know what I am saying... do i look like i'm sick? =P)

Anyways, thank you for all those people who visited my site. I appreciate it. =) and have a nice day everyone !

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Charcoal Painting Class

Drawing... must be one of my favorite past times when I was a lot younger =). I started drawing cartoons... then I tried drawing portraits.... but i never really learned to draw... that's why they look that way (that way you know.... i don't have to mention it ayt?... argg.. ok.. horrendous. happy now? =P). So when I saw the charcoal painting class i immediately signed up.

The class was held by the same person who taught the acrylic painting class which i've attended a few weeks ago (i'm desperately trying to be a student again hehe =P jks). For two days, we were taught the basic drawings (very similar to the one in acrylic painting class) such as circles, squares, triangles... (you do know them ayt? =P). Moving on to how artists should look at objects, by breaking them into basic shapes in order to easily draw them and finally to using charcoal as a medium of drawing. :)

For those two nights I got to meet some new people, the course was fun too ! Regarding my drawings you say? umm my toy car kinda looked like "kariton" after drawing =P jks. ill try uploading them sometime :) but for now just imaging a toy car turn into "Kariton" =P

P.S. "Kariton" is cart in english :)

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Gateway Mall

Today is a sunday (isn't it not obvious, June 5 is a sunday... you look that up in a calendar just like a child would don't have to mention it =P). Right after lunch "they" have decided to go to Gateway Mall in Cubao.(my sister frequently calls it "the getaway" =P)

Its my first time to go there, a little excited (no actually i did not want to go... but i had to drive them there hehehe jks =P). The place was a little bit far... at least for me it was far, the traffic was terrible and the weather was not really that good (ok it was terrible).

Upon arrival, one problem surfaced immediately... NO PARKING SPACES seriously... when you build a mall please do remember to put enough parking spaces, its such a drag to drive 30 mins looking for one(We even had to settle for a parking space at the opposite mall, and walk to the other mall) =P.

Well how about the mall? All I can say is, it's really a neat place, it's clean the place is organized and everything... but a little pricey for me though.. Shops such as Sony, Bass, Marks and Spencer, Mango, Watson's are to be seen immediately (even had to pay 10 bucks to use the rest rooms/comfort room/lounge), but I did buy a new pair of shoes there from Bass.... yes a little bit pricey but they were the only ones with a shoe that would fit my feet... and its time to change my old shoes... well if you consider "shoes with tongue" as fashionable.. then it's probably not time for me to change my shoes then =P

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Investment options class

Today i've joined an investment options class, which was held by Business maker academy. Business maker academy is a institution which trains its students on business and some livelihood programs. (If you'd like to know more about them, you can visit their website @

It's not my first time actually to attend a course conducted by them, the earlier course I have attended was "Basic Money Management", You could say I have learned some things (a lot actually) on how to spend my money wisely, how to make budgets, etc.

Anyways, in today's course we were given an overview of some investment vehicles which we could use to further grow our money =) (your money too). Through out this course we were introduced to different investment vehicles ranging from savings accounts, time deposits, insurance items, to creating a portfolio of stocks, real estate and even creating your own business =)

For me the course was real cool, coz you get to know all about these items you can invest in and it really helps you decide where to put your money into rather than spend it elsewhere =) (i'm not saying don't buy things... all im saying is we have to save and learn to save wisely =) )