Sunday, January 29, 2006

恭喜发财, Happy New Year.

Just wanted to greet everyone a very happy chinese new year. 恭喜发财。恭喜发财。[End of Post]

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Nice Haircut !

A day before Chinese New Year... I had to have my hair trimmed (chinese tradition =P)But I did not want to walk far today... kinda lazy, so I decided to try the newly opened hair salon just around the corner.

The owner of the hair salon was a chinese who just came here in the Philippines, the salon was just built inside a residential house =D

Place was nice, cool (air conditioned), and well designed (it really looks like a parlor). I was asked to sit down and the owner started cutting my hair. After a few minutes (I did not even have the chance to take a short nap) she was done.. this is the fastest haircut I have ever had.

I went to wash my hair, and then paid the owner. Left the place, after saying my greetings "恭喜"

The haircut was nicely done ... I don't look stupid right... =D

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

my "Piggy Bank"

I have this big "Piggy Bank", coca cola shaped... bottle (stands up to my knees). Its pretty old and I thought how about filling it up with coins. So I started putting in 10 peso, 5 peso and even 20 peso bills on it.

After a while, I decided to take back the money... because of the following reasons:

1. A lot of money displayed is not a very good thing... i think...
2. Money inside the "Piggy Bank" won't grow any interest, who would not want to have that extra interest from the bank.
3. I kinda look like a kid putting coins inside this "Piggy Bank" =D

Anyways, since I have regret putting in the money inside I started prying on the bottle cap, and guess what... it won't open =( I spent practically 2 hours pulling, pushing, etc. (nice workout though... I sweat a lot =D) I even got my fingers cut =(

Finally a great idea came into mind.. since the bottle was huge, it also had a big hole at top. So I used a pair of pliers to remove each coin inside =P and finally, got the money back.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Today is Grand Ma's Birthday

Happy Birthday Grand Ma. Today, we ate at a local restaurant to celebrate her birthday, it also served as a time to get together within the family. Time really moves fast, my cousins were with their boy/girl friends now, some were even with their wife and children... goals have changed... priorities renewed =D

BTW, my grand ma is 90 years old now... but don't be fooled by that number... she'll still kick your ass when you do something stupid =P ... i'm out of words today.... =D Post finished !!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Dinner with Achi Jack, Hiram Bro, Allan

This dinner has been planned a long long long long loooooong time ago, and finally.. it has been realized =D The idea came from Hiram Bro (Bro cause he calls Achi... Achi too ! there is yet another brother left to be found... wonder who he is... or maybe its a she =P)

The four of us met at Achi's office, before going straight to Sbarro. We chat along the way, made jokes, spilled some secrets (was there any? =P) and of course ate dinner. We also took some pictures.... however i can't post em here... because i'll surely be in big trouble if I do so =P

This was a great day. I hope we'll have dinner together again soon =D or perhaps an activity would be nice. =D

Friday, January 13, 2006


If you are wondering "what the heck that title is ??" then let me tell you what it means/is..... it is the morbid or irrational fear of Friday the 13th. Why is Friday the 13th associated with bad luck.... we'll see...

There are a lot of explanations why "Friday the 13th" was considered unlucky, this can be explained by "friday" and the number "13":
Friday was considered lucky because the following events happened on a friday

  • Christian Folklore: Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

  • Christian Folklore: Great flood.

  • Christian Folklore: Builders of Tower of Babel was tongue tied

  • Christian Folklore: Temple of Solomon was destroyed

  • Execution day in Rome

  • Hangman's day in Britain

13 is unlucky because

  • There were in all 13 people in the last supper, with one betraying Jesus Christ

  • A myth in which there were 12 gods who were invited for dinner and Loki (13th uninvited guest) the god of mischief, gate crashed the party and incited riot.

  • Associated with death in other cultures

There is however one day in history which is associated with Friday the 13th, Jaques de Molay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar, and 60 of his senior knights was arrested by King Philip IV of France on a Friday, October 13, 1307. That day thousands of Templars were arrested and subsequently tortured.

As for me though.... nothing really that bad happened today... i hope so... few hours left =P

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Exercise and Diet !!!!

In line with my "New Year's Resolution" - getting slimmer (200 lbs), I have started with my exercise and diet. (I hope I'm not overdoing it =P)

Pant ... Pant ... Pant ... started jogging at our penthouse for the past few days, and all I can say is ... I hope its working cause its really tiresome =))

I jog three laps around our house , then I do 10-20 push ups to stop the panting and continue jogging again. Aside from jogging and push ups, I started climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator (umm around 20++ floors =P), I believe i'm slowly getting used to it as I don't pant as much as before =P. There are also times when I do a couple of situps and leg lifts... for my big belly. =P

Anyways, whoever said that a six pack (what is this a beer or something) is better than a big belly (which looks kinda like a "tai pao") =P

RICE... I NEED RICE... =P that is what's happening to me for the past few days, you'll never know how delicious rice is until you start a diet.

I've started eating 5 times a day instead of 3, 5 smaller ones of course =), limited my rice to a scoop on lunch and none on dinner (exchanged it with more fruits and vegetables =P)

P.S. I have already lost 5 lbs!!!!! 20 more to go =P

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Unexpected email.... a new friend

I received an unexpected email the other day, it read:
Hi there!

I read your blog,
Are you from (-) (can't divulge too many secrets you know =P)


My first reaction was.... did I violate anything !!! (paranoid =P), receiving an email from someone in the company I work for... and so I sent her back an email, it read:
Hi Marj,

Sorry for the late reply, was not able to check my mail for a while.
Yes, I am from (-) how did you know that…. was it too obvious =))
Happy New Year !
P.S. I hope I am not violating anything …. =S
Thanks and regards,


It turns out that she was just browsing some blogs and passed through mine. There I have a new friend =D

P.S. marj if you are reading this --> "huy dichi (marj), mano na kay ang kong (me)!" hahaha =P Peace ! joke lang =D

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Resolution !

Welcome year 2006 !!! Today I'm gonna create my New Year's Resolution. It's the first time i'm gonna put it in writing (albeit computerized) so I hope I'll be able to fulfill them...

Learn a new hobby... without the computer
I recently noticed that i've been pounding at my keyboard whenever I had the free time (updating blog... checking mail... playing games). This year I hope to learn a new hobby away from the computer, photography perhaps.

Raise my confidence
uh huh. My problem forever =( I feel i've improved a bit but there is probably more to it like turning my volume knob when I'm speaking and be able to say things that I'd like to say... Stop being misinterpreted...

Better use of money
It's not like I have not been able to save any money, It's about putting it into better investments that could yield me greater returns. I'd probably take some risks this year... will ask friend/family advice =D

Finally start a sideline
I've been telling myself that I'll start that sideline months or even years ago. I hope I could start it this year.... even a plan would be great, cause frankly I do not have any idea on what to do.

Learn to cook !!
Regarding food, there is only one thing I know, EAT. I'd want to learn to cook, even a few simple dishes would be great. This is a basic ability which I should have learned years back.

Lose Weight
This has been my last new year's resolution... and here I am again at it =P anyways last year I was @ 240 lbs and now I've trimmed down to 225 lbs not bad really. This time around I hope to trim down a little bit more =P 200 lbs perhaps....

Healthy living
I've been sleeping 6 hours a day for months now.... lagging on my exercise... and eating too much. Maybe I'll try sleeping at 9 PM, wake up 5:30 am, exercise and eat healthier foods =P

Be liked ?
Is this even something I could do..... Jan idiot !

Act like an adult
For the past months, I feel I've been acting like a child... just a feeling though... am i...?

Kinda ambitious I think... is it??? =D