Monday, November 28, 2005

A movie in the promenade mall

Special holiday in the Philippines today, I went to the greenhills Promenade Mall to watch the "Exorcism of Emily Rose". I have not tried the cinemas there (that was before writing this post of course =P) and my parents were going to look around in greenhills so I went with them (No need to think about the transportation, I even save on transportation expenses =P)

We arrived late in the afternoon, so I went straight to Promenade mall got my tickets for "Exorcism of Emily Rose" and went to buy a cup of Frappucino (Collecting stamps for starbucks limited edition 2006 planner). The cinema was very nice, I liked the ambience of the Theater. The seats were very comfortable; they were soft, big (considering I am a huge man, kinda fat), and tall enough that I could comfortably lay my head on the seats. Temperature was very and I mean so very cold (I probably looked stupid wearing shorts and a cup of cold frappucino plus the airconditioning directly on top of me brrrr.. c.. ccc....oooold !!!)

Satisfied with the theater, I sat comfortably waiting for the film to start. People began filling up the theater and the trailers started playing. Some of the anticipated upcoming movies include: King Kong, Narnia (may be delayed because of Manila Film Fest =( ), then there is superman, ice age 2, and some other movies =D. Then the movie started (On time btw =P)

Exorcism of Emily Rose was a nice movie, scary. For me the most eerie part was to know that 3:00 am is the witching hour..... the reason? I usually wake up at 3 am before =S and that really is creepy !!!!!

After the movie. I got back to Unimart and went happily back home =), btw try promenade mall cinemas.... nice place.... reasonable prices =D

Saturday, November 26, 2005

So much for diet !

I'm gaining weight again I believe, despite the fact that I'm trying to learn basketball and Capoeira dance... push ups everyday... the reason? week full of food !!! but hey, who's complainin' I'm not =P

Monday, we had our team building in Makati Shangrila's "Circles", and oh boy if you like buffet... I highly recommend trying it out. The food is great... chinese, Japanese, western food it's all there. For those who like desserts, there are a lot of different cakes, ice cream, "Halo Halo", fruits, crepe, and don't forget that chocolate fountain ! I ate like there was no tomorrow... brrrp EXCUSE ME =P

Thursday, was my officemate birthday. So he treat "palabok" for merienda... kinda early "merienda" @ 2 pm, it was delicious. Then apparently because it was the spirit of Christmas, another officemate bought a gallon of ice cream (half cheese, half double dutch) Yummy.

Friday, another officemate treat us. We had lunch in "Heaven and Eggs" located @ Glorietta. The reason? there was apparently no reason .... but I think it was for her promotion =) The food there was great, big servings, reasonable price ... and nice place too =)

So there it is a week full of food. I may have to loosen my belt next week (I hope not) better start my diet again and exercise 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and another 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 =P.

Thanks guys for all the food this week ! I really enjoyed it !

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Achi's Birthday

Today is Achi's birthday. I never got her a gift =( but she said she wanted world peace (I'll try persuade her join Beauty pageants =P) but I hope this suffice.....

Achi I wish you :

World Peace ! (obviously English =P)

世界和平 (Chinese)

WeltcFrieden (German)

Paz Del Mundo (Spanish)

Paix Du Monde (French)

Pace Del Mondo (Italian)

Paz Do Mundo (Portugese)

世界の平和 (Japanese)

세계 평화 (Korean)

Don't blame me if there's something wrong in the translations... I merely used an online translator =P

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Where is gateway mall ?

At last it was time for me to watch the much awaited movie "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" (Don't worry no spoilers !, read on =P). The plan was to get to gateway mall, buy tickets for Cinema 10 (the one with lazy boy seats and unlimited popcorn and drinks) and enjoy the next two hours watching harry potter... but guess what... plans do change. =D

From Greenhills (greenhills because I had an appointment with a doctor earlier =D), Me and my friend Dennis started our journey to gateway mall... yes it was a journey because it was only my second time to go there and I had no idea how to go there ! actually i did get a few pointers from my Dad, but I was most probably out of my mind, preoccupied thinking of some things that I missed gateway mall and I had to do a billion u turns just to get back on track. So after wasting a few gallons of gas going around edsa (OH MY!!! GAS IS VERY EXPENSIVE these days!!!) we finally arrived.

Bad luck does not stop there, when we got to the ticket booths I thought I went to a market place... there was just too many people lining up for Harry Potter that I had no idea where to line up. Worst, the tickets for the lazy boy cinemas were all sold out =( so much for the two hours of luxury =(. well let's look at the bright side.. at least I was able to save 150 bucks =D

Then I "coincidentally" met my lovely friend and her cute sister. Actually I knew they were gonna watch the same movie that day, but did not know the exact time. So when I saw the looooooooooong line i offered to help them buy the tickets =)

So the movie started @ 7:30 and ended around 10:00 pm... i felt stupid afterwards because i think i was not even able to try to strike a conversation for that two hours =( (Jan is Bad , idiot ! =( )

Anyways the rest of the day is history (As if there was any day left it's like 10:00pm!! ~). The ride home was also... easy did not get lost anymore ! couldn't afford to get lost... (yawns!)

good night and thank you for reading this post =D