Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ban Da Vinci Code??

I sometimes can't understand why there is all this fuzz about "the Da Vinci Code". All different groups are calling for it to be banned, it was even set as an adults only film here in the Philippines.

Anyways, i've seen one unique reason why it is to be banned =P , please see clipping below... =D dunno where it came from though...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

cute since 1982

I was joking around with some friends the other day when I changed my status to "cute since 1982", they started changing theirs to "loverboy since 1983", "Romantic since 1981" and a friend of mine even suggested I could change it to "adorable since 1982" or even "funny since 1982". (Thank you.. i never thought i made such a good impressiong =P)

Anyways, after that I wondered if I really was cute since 1982 =P and so I started rummaging through some old pics. Guess what, i really was cute =P (till now =P). I've always thought my mommy dears and auntie were just toying with me when they said I was the cutest little boy ... and look what happened to you now... (still cute I presume =P)

I loved the pic i've posted here, it was kinda funny... me holding flowers at that age.

P.S. The title should have been "will you be my special someone" but I thought it might be too cheesy. So I went with cute since 1982, I am cute right?... this is my blog so just agree with me ok? =P

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i still can't believe he ran

I still can't believe he ran... maybe he was in a hurry... maybe he thought it was a competition... maybe i misunderstood him... but it sure was funny...

I was walking along Ayala Avenue this morning, the sun was shining and i'm late for work (again =P). Walking briskly down the underpass i saw a guy who was walking as fast as I was... shuffling my feet even quicker down the stairs, I managed to close the gap between us. both of us were walking briskly along side each other now, we moved from side to side to overtake other people... and at the end of the tunnel I swiftly made a right turn... marginally getting ahead of him, then the unexpected happened... HE RAN!!! lolz he actually ran just to get ahead of me =P

Still yawning, I let him be, there wasn't any trophies to be won, no competition. Perhaps the situation made him felt he were in a race... but I still can't believe he ran. =P