Saturday, July 30, 2005

A day at "The Spa"

What a wonderful day. As the day progress my anticipation... the excitement... the curiosity... (a little bit afraid i may add.... actually really afraid :P). Have performed my homework too, i've asked my ever wonderful Big Sis =P, my friends... my parents... oops ! forgot to tell you i'm going to go to a spa today for a body massage :). This is the first time ever i'll be visiting one... and the reason why i've decided to try a massage is because I received a gift certificate a few months back.... which expires.... Today :P

Got there around 4 pm and got a schedule for 5 pm, the place was nice, really neat girls and boys are seperated into two different sections :). The first room is the locker room, people get dressed... actually undress here, an attendant is available to guide/help you all the way... (thanks to that guy... was always lost inside there :P)After undressing you are asked to take a shower, after which you may go in for a 15 minutes steam bath.. since this was my first time.. i might just as well go try everything there is.

And so i went in for the steam bath, the place was cloudy.. very cloudy, I actually thought I would go coughing inside.. but actually the menthol fragrace was really relaxing, as i went in the warmness enveloped me, sitting in one corner, naked (except for a towel) i closed my eyes, mimicking the other guy inside this smoky chamber :P sweat started to run out of my skin... without even doing anything... fast. After a few minutes, i stepped out of the room all sweaty, yet it felt nice :)

I was escorted to a waiting room, i sat on a nice sofa and poured myself some ginger tea waiting to be called. Before i forget (I know i already did :P) I'm already wearing a short plus a robe. After finishing my tea, I was escorted to the massage room, the room was dim and a relaxing music played in the background... and so it happened... the massage i mean :P

After an hour, i've moved back to the locker room, took a bath, got in my shirt, and dried my hair and away I went to the mall, relaxed :)

It was almost 7 PM and boy was I hungry. I had a nice dinner (alone :( ) in "Cafe Breton" located at Greenbelt 3, my friend, Tina suggested this place a few weeks.. months back and wasn't able to visit it till now. After dinner, I went shopping for a few more items (it was midnight madness sale anyways :P) before fetching my sister on my way home.

P.S. I did all this and cashed out a total of 170 PHP only. (I used GC's mostly :P Gift certificates)

Monday, July 25, 2005

Play SuDoKu

If there is one thing which kept me busy on my vacation then that would be SuDoKu, i've found puzzle in the newpaper sent everyday. It's such an entertaining, challenging game and yet you need not know any math tricks.. just pure logic and reasoning.

The game is real addictive, it probably consumed all my time trying to get my hair wet... you are presented with a square made up of 9 squares wherin each square is again made up of 9 squares. Some of the squares has number in it, and the goal is to fill up all squares such that every row, every column, and every 3x3 block contains the digits from 1 to 9

Try it, each puzzle should take from 10 to 30 minutes to solve.... (although i really think the first time i tried to solve it .... it took me more time :P) You could also look at the tips in

Friday, July 22, 2005

Hong Kong Vacation Day 5

It was time to go home, after lunch and checking out of our room we had a final shopping spree ! buy food !!!! We bought some Porkchop rice from delicious kitchen, a few Orange juices (Mr. Juicy) and some "Taho" (delicious :P)

In the airport we checked in our luggages as usual, however this time our luggages were over weight (they ate too much during the trip :P). This is where you'll see how big Hong Kong International Airport is... I mean of the 20+ (i think maybe more) aisle you could check in your luggage... the Airport in the Philipines probably had only one Aisle. There were about a hundred boarding gates and if you happen to be boarding on the 100th ++ boarding gate you even have to take the train below the airport just to get there on time. (wow)

And so that probably sums up my five day trip to Hong Kong. Give me comments and suggestions I probably have left out something... so please do remind me :P

P.S. I received a nice text message from my friend Julie on HK airport.... Holiday on Monday. That means I even get to rest for 3 more days :P

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hong Kong Vacation Day 4

So it was officially the last day of shopping, I woke up around 10 AM and again went to mcdonalds for breakfast (I really like their breakfast here, dunno why :P) bought some DVD's (donald duck, CSI :P)

In the afternoon, I went to Sham Shui Po's Golden Arcade this place is full of computer related stuff, motherboards, processors, Optical Media Drives. I spent a few hours here before deciding to buy a Lite-On DVD Burner (1693s) for only 2,800 Philippine Pesos. That is soooo cheap compared to the prices here, an older model would cost me around 4000 Philippine Pesos. Bought a few chinese games too, one which my mom raises an eye when she sees me playing (a mahjong game, really want to learn this game :P)

And so we continued shopping till the sun went down, bought all those "pasalubong" and things. (not really something big... just some candies). I also bought 4 Giordano plain t-shirts, it is again cheaper (4 shirts for 700 Philippine pesos, while it costs 1000 Philippine pesos here for just 3 shirts)

We had a midnight dessert from "许留山", also packed up for getting ready for tomorrow's departure :P

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hong Kong Vacation Day 3

And so I woke up early today, went to McDonalds for my breakfast. I had an egg mcmuffin sandwich plus iced milk tea. (delicious!, also bought one of those cute Hello Kitty plushies... dunno what to do with them though :P)

If there is one thing I should learn whenever i visit Hong Kong is their time, I mean almost all shops open around 11:00 AM !! and going out 9:00 AM in the morning is somewhat early :P (Although I get to do window shopping, is good for the pocket :P)

I've went to see some DVD's today, in HMV. Looked at some PC parts, some geeky stuff... digicams. I am really planning to change my old reliable 6210 phone for the new Sony Ericsson K750i, but ill probably wait for the price to go down a little. Am also planning to buy Canon EOS 350D... want to learn photography :P, it's kinda cheaper here compared to the Philippines... however i'm thinking of the warranty so i'll probably buy one in the Philippines.

Have also visited Toys R Us, if you are looking for children's toys this is the place to go. I believe even some for those young at heart :P

Discovered a nice game today, "SuDoKu" i'll probably write another blog on this some other time. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hong Kong Vacation Day 2

I woke up late today, probably because I was a little bit tired after the trip yesterday. Anyways, We went to delicious kitchen for lunch today, their Porkshop rice is so good here, not really fried, it was tasty covered in a red sauce. The rice had some vegetables and the overall taste was perfect !

The people who lived in Hong Kong was obviously wealthier, cars such as Audi, Porshe, BMW was a common sight (well of course good ol Toyota and other brands are here too... well i think they are... just an opinion...)

We went to the admiralty, we took the MTR. The MTR is probably the equivalent of the LRT/MRT here in the Philipines except it is underground and a lot of shops are scattered inside the MTR. I really liked their payment mode, you use a proximity card to pay for your travel fee... not the magnetic strip so you won't need to take the card off your wallet, you just let it pass.

In the evening, we watched a movie at the hotel (HBO, around... 11 PM?) and we had Kentucky Fried Chicken for late night snack. The KFC here btw does not have a ny gravy, I asked once and the lady looked shocked when I asked for one :P

What happened in Admiralty? shopping of course :P

Monday, July 18, 2005

Hong Kong Vacation Day 1

It was rather a cloudy day :), and yet hauling my luggages we went into the airport. As I stepped my foot in the airport .. my vacation started, a five day vacation :). Before going into the airport, some precautionary measures are to be done and these are scanning of luggages (including cellphones, probably because of the cellphone guns :) ), and passing through the metal detector (I set off a few beeps in the metal detector machine :P, removed almost every thing from my pockets... even my belt.. i was gettin a bit worried i'd have to remove my pants :P jokes)

The first thing people do inside the airport is to check in the luggages, each luggage is measured to make sure you don't exceed the weight limit (we don't want the plane fallin now cause were a little overweight do we :P jks). This is also the time you get to choose your seat inside the plane (actually it's only a "do you prefer a window seat sir / madam ? =) )

After checking in luggages, you pay for the tax fee... yes you have to pay tax before you fly :). Then we go to the boarding gates awaiting boarding of the plane :) (you could go for some duty free shopping if you want to =))

Our plane was i think a big one... despite the few passengers :). The whole plane was mostly deserted ... the whole middle aisle didn't have any people in them, even the window seats were not full... i think :P. As the plane began its flight to the sky (this is the part of the flight I hate most... takeoff... dunno why though :P) you get to see the ground in a bird's eye view... the mountains, the seas and the beautiful nature God has created... :)

So what do we do inside the plane? You may read the newspaper, flight attendants distribute newspapers once the plane has fairly stabilized (seatbelt sign is off :P), you may enjoy the inflight entertainment (some songs and tv shows), or you do what I do sleep or read a book :P. In a short while food will be served (yummy :P) You usually (actually always) have two choices, I chose the spareribs this time... DELICIOUS !!! I devoured it in a few minutes (My Aunt was only halfway though the main course... my plate was clean.. from appetizers to dessert :P)

It was a short flight... one and a half hour long and a few minutes after eating the plane began its descent to HK international airport. (Nice landing by the way... i almost didn't notice the plane has already landed :P.. we were even 10 minutes ahead of scheduled arrival time ...nice ! )

All I can say is the airport in HK is gorgeous... compared to the Philippine airport this one is a giant. The airport is neat, well organized and there were candies in the immigration :P also shops like the disney store, aji ichiban is present.. (start shopping eh?) There are a few ways to get to the city from the airport (almost forgot ... HK airport is a bit far from the city) and they are:
1. Train
2. Bus (Hotel link)
3. I only know two :P

We took on the Hotel link.. the bus. As soon as I stepped out of the airport I realized.. "It was hot"... even hotter than the weather in the philippines. The bus ride was a 2 hour trip.. i slept most of the the time however i noticed a few things... HK drivers follow the road accordingly.. even if the road is full of traffic while the other road (which leads to another place was free, people don't switch lanes and try to get aheadof someone. (nice) However, the bus we rode on has a sign which states that the maximum speed for coach buses was only 70 kph... am not quite sure if our bus was overspeeding... it was always on the borderline whenever i made a quick glance to the speedometer... :P although i really felt it went faster sometimes... i felt.. :P

Hong Kong
And we got to our hotel, not much has changed since i last visited the place :) It's still the same way it has been ... except the 7/11 around the corner is missing that's a real waste.... I always thought that store was real convenient. We went on to shop for some basic needs like food, beverages.... and of course we started our shopping :).... well that probably sums up my first day in vacation !

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Is on vacation

On this post.... i just wanna tell you all that i will be on vacation and will not be updating the site for a while =) I will be back on friday... and no i will not be updating my blog... and i don't know if ill be able to get my hands on a computer during that time =P so have a nice week ahead. and good day all

Thursday, July 14, 2005


This has not happened for a long time now... brownout. And it is really so irritating. I got home late (was not really busy just stayed in office cause i was waiting for someone.... ahem my parents =P) It was real hot at home.. i took a cool bath after eating dinner and sat there doing nothing (waiting for my hair to get dry, was realy sleepy)

I tried to sleep at around 10 PM, no good, it was really hot, the television was noisy (brownout with television?? ok i'm not lying there was some electricity... but was not enough all things working... ). I went looking far away from the window and i noticed something... we were the only building without any lights =( yes that's right cause the problem was with our building =(

At around 11 PM I was still running about, closing my eyes just didn't help... it was so hot and i feel like going to get another shower.. so i lie in bed, awake... went to the kitchen to get some water to drink... again went to lie on the bed.. still awake.

2 AM now.. I moved to the living room and slept on the sofa instead.. luckily it was a little bit cool there and was able to sleep for a few hours=) I woke up early morning... still no lights and started my day going into the office ( was in a hurry cause i woke up late... and it's a lot cooler in office =P)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Game of squares

Feeling a bit busy these days? a little bit boring i guess? well i think i got something which will somehow (i hope) get you relaxed =) It's a game i've seen while I was browsing the net, it's a little simple really but i think it's enough to keep you occupied (playing) for a few minutes =).

In this game (it's flash based by the way) you just have to dodge all the red items moving up and down left and right and pick up all the black boxes. (I won't go into the details of all the rules, you can read em there =P) it's a little bit addicting really, trying to beat the last score you achieved.

Ok I won't delay you now, go on and try to play the game. Let's try you beat my score (got a low score i think =P) i'll post it below

P.S. I think the best way to gain more score is to try to stay in the middle and get only the squares you could get while dodging the red items. Don't try to get all black squares since you'll probably bump into a red one doing that... just an advice really =)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

fastest jeepney ever

Friday, again I went home late, and since it was late there were no FX.. even if there was i've felt i'd like to save a few bucks on transportation (i'm over spending on squidballs =P). I was expecting a long journey home, hot, alone, and a busy day... but i guessed wrong.....

I immediately jump on the first jeep going home (checked destination first of course =P), paid the fee, closed my eyes and started moving to sleeping position (as if there was any =P) after a few minutes the jeep went fast.... in fact really fast (this is not a medicine advertisement =P) my butt was sliding towards the guy beside me .. so i had to tighten my grip to prevent from further sliding.

The jeep started turning left... no it was turning right... no no, i think it was going everywhere... everywhere an opening presented itself the jeepneey almost immediately went through. I think it was the first time a car didn't stop moving this long long road.... (well of course it stopped to pick up additonal passengers =P)

It turned out to be a short ride home, exciting as i see how the jeep dodged every other car it passed through (without crashing on them of course), the wind was hitting my face and my travel time most probably cut in half (or maybe i'm just exaggerating =P).

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A broken promise.... sorry

Sorry, that's probably the least I can do... (well of course not break it again =P) i've went to a place i've promised i won't go to unless really necessary. Well it was really necessary... there was no other way... no transportation that won't pass through there that day. (hope my alibi persuaded you =P)

Why was I forbidden (or prohibited?? anyways =P) from going to this place (by my big sis =) )? It's probably due to all the views concerning this place (dunno if they are true though =P ). The place has been known for people walking in skimpy outfits, dark streets, which some say is dangerous to walk in especially at night, pirated cds galore (mostly pornographic i think =P ) and other things ....

Anyways, this place has improved a lot recently, the place is now well lighted, a lot of people stay here making the place a lot comfortable to be in, small shops sprouted here and there..... and it is cleaner overall. =) I did not stay long here, knowing i was in a violation of a promise =P i moved off the street at the first available exit and went directly home =)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

No to forwarded chain messages =)

Have you ever been forced to send an email just because you were forced to?? none?? oh come on... you gotta be kiddin me. =P well for me i have got to admit.. if my inbox has 20 new messages.... 18 of them are chain letters... and they are clogging my inbox, wasting my time, and... i dunno what to say =)

Well for me there are a few kinds of chain letters, i'll be enumerating them below =)

Help the poor guy chain letters
These are those despicable chain letters playing with everyone's feelings...emotiongs.. they say all those touching stories just to send all those chain letters to your friends. Sample include, if you send this email the boy something something will receive money from someone someone =P (dunno what to say)

Earn money chain letters
The chain letter for all those business minded people out there... but wait, you are making a fool of yourself sending all those crap where you'll be paid a few cents for every email sent. Yes, every email you sent cannot be possibly monitored... even if it can be... wake up... there's no such thing as easy money these days... =P (if there is... please tell me about it =P)

Funny chain letters
Now I have to admit of all those chain letters, this kind is the one which i like the most (well... yeah at least it makes me laugh.. =P) Thing is sometimes these chain letters have been forwarded so many times you won't be laughing when you pass through all those "forwarded message attached" text =P

You are doomed chain letters
This is practically the most disgusting chain letter of them all. You are forced to send an email because.. you might die... you'll have bad luck... you'll lose money... with all those disgusting pictures attached.. yuck!!. These are offensive letters which in my opinion should not be forwarded.. who would want to sent bad luck to your friends anyways ??!? (or maybe you were sending em to your enemy?? =P not a bad idea ! =P)

I'm misleading you chain letters
These are all those incorrect chain letters.. teaching everyone to be stupid... they have all those information which when looked up on the net turns out to be a bunch of crap... anyways.. always remember before forwarding an email be sure it has correct information. (i once got an email from a friend... showing me all the facts about an email i sent =P embarassing... do your research =P

Oh well, I guess that about sums up my opinion =P but before i close my post today. Ive included a nice, cool site. and don't forget to forward the site =P jks ! (it's real funny you might want to consider =P) ciao !

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Today is Dennis's birthday

One of the big guys i know... (someone bigger than i am =P) He was not always that big, in fact, i was a lot taller than he is when we were younger... well maybe time really does change a lot of things =) One of my best buddies, also my neighbor (he lives a few blocks from our home. Is a tall guy (just mentioned that), intelligent (think so... hehe jks =P)and a nice person.

Have known this guy for quite a while now, has been my friend since high school, been a friend during those boy scout days. He was also the one bringing me to all those chinese chess competitions (care to have a rematch??), study tours in taiwan and beijing =) (I so very want to go back to Beijing =P). He is currently working at globe in Robinson's place, so if any one of you guys want that new Nokia or Sony Ericsson .. give him a call maybe a discount awaits =P Anyways, just wanted to greet you Happy Birthday and may you have many other birthdays to come. Wish you success in your future endeavors and May God Bless you !

Friday, July 01, 2005

Magic ?

While browsing through the net i've found this interesting title "magic" (was browsing friendster bulletin). The article was about a certain equation when you supply your birthday into the equation.. it will return your birthday. =) Being such a curious guy i've delve in to see where the secret/trick lies.... (don't believe this is magic... too simple i think =P)

First let me post the message below (precedence of signs does not apply here).

Take the number of the month you were born, x 4 + 13 x 25 - 200 +
the day you were born, x 2 - 40 x 50 + last 2 digits of
the year you were born - 10500. Notice anything? Try it

courtesy of Tokers

Complicated eh?? =P To make things simpler i've replaced the words in the article to change it into a simpler equation =) (Now that looks much better =P )see below:

Month of BDAY * 4 + 13 * 25 - 200 +
Day of BDAY * 2 - 40 * 50 +
Year of BDAY - 10500

So after looking at the equation for a few minutes... (yes minutes only =P i'm that intelligent.. =P) something caught my eye. see highlighted text below

Month of BDAY * 4 + 13 * 25 - 200 +
Day of BDAY * 2 - 40 * 50 +
Year of BDAY - 10500

Looking at the highlighted text it is obvious that these 4 numbers create the whole equation as 4 * 25 = 100 and 2 * 50 = 100. Removing all the "annoying numbers" we get:

Month of BDay * 100 +
Day of BDay * 100 +
Year of BDay

April 18, 1982
04 * 100 = 400 + 18 = 418 * 100 = 41800 + 82 = 41882

Now where did the annoying numbers went to you ask?? by supplying 0 to birthdate we get:

0*4+13*25-200+0*2-40*50+0-10500 = 0

Therefore those numbers were present, just there to make a simple equation look complicated =)

Thus problem solved =) it was no magic after all =P, ya ain't gonna trick this genius with those easy trick questions =P hehe jks !