Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last day of the year !

I'm still not feeling the new year, dunno why but I just don't feel it.... it feels like a normal weekend. Started the day by sending out food to my relatives (i'm the official messenger for today =P).

Saying my Happy New Year as cheerful as I could... to every person I meet. After lunch, I went to the Airport to fetch my Uncle and Auntie. They went to Disneyland with their kids and I hear it's great to go now... the money spent is well worth it.

I finally have Stefanie's latest album "A Perfect Day" (asked auntie to buy for me =D "Ta Bue") and it's hands down the greatest album from her yet. It's really nice (currently playing, play count : 10 =P) and there is no reason not to like any of the songs.

For Dinner, we went to my other Auntie's house. It has always been like that since I was a child and I can say its nice to get together once in a while. Food was great as always, especially when its shared with the whole family =D

Late night after fetching my sister from Podium, we had midnight snack with my Uncle and Auntie, then some other interesting facts about Disneyland again =D...

Finally the countdown to new year started. Started sending out my Happy new year. (It's good that my prepaid is currently on unlimited test message status for the next five days.)


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Today is Tina's Birthday

Remembering I never got Achi Jack a gift for her birthday last November 23, 2005 because of my "manana habit", I prepared a gift in advance for my friend Tina. I got her a cute Hello Kitty "Ang Pao", with a gift certificate inside =P (not intel inside =P).

Days back, I was supposed to buy her one of those giant Hershey Kisses (bought one for my sister =D) but then I changed my mind for some reason(s) =D anyways, Happy Birthday Lulu !

Dinner with friends

I went out with some friends for an early dinner at Shanghai Bistro, the food was great and the price reasonable. We had singaporean fried rice, Sweet & Sour Pork (sidenote: this is my favorite food aside from noodles...=P), Beef Hofan, Hakaw, Sio Mai, Vegetables, Taro Puff (love this too), etc... ( i bet there were still other dishes just can't remember =P )

After the dinner, we moved on to SM Mall of Asia to watch the World Pyro Olypics... but we never got there in time due to the heavy traffic. Oh well, at least we had a glimpse of the few last fireworks... (you could get more information from the site I provided)

Monday, December 19, 2005

Maligayang pasko pinoy !

Today we had our company wide Christmas party at the World Trade Center. The party started at around 6 PM, sumptuos food was served, cool prizes were given away and ended with a "concert" featuring Hale and Bamboo ! Also, the party was hosted by none other than Miles from Magic 89.9.

As for me, I hitched with my friend's car (the whole team actually =P). The vehicle was so full that whenever we encounter bumps a "wooo" "ahhh" "nooo" was heard =)).

There was no doubt everyone in our table was expecting to win in the raffle, as every name called sounded kinda similar to our names =P. Who would not want to win cool prizes anyway =)

The grand finale of the party was the "concert" of bamboo !!! I was even given a task by one of our team mates to get a picture of bamboo himself with her k500i. Moving in to the crowd I started taking pictures, alas every picture ended up blurred... there was no time where the crowd was still.... I had to jump, sway with the crowd =P well at least it was fun... they even had to make the phone ring just to get the phone back =P

The party ended around 10 PM, a very fun and enjoyable party =D

Friday, December 16, 2005

Team Christmas Party

Our christmas party was supposed to be held on saturday, trip to Enchanted Kingdom then some activities there... however some of us were not available (guilty as charged =p) so we had to move it to another date, which after a series of surveys ended up today (It was so hard to pick a schedule where everyone was available =P).

After considering numerous suggestions we went to T.G.I.F (Thank God Its Friday) at a local mall. After dinner we distributed the last gifts for our Kris Kringle (organized by "big brother" Bernard), I received a stone coaster which had the following quote "Follow your dreams; for as you Dream so shall you become" (Nice). I also received two Paolo Coelho books (from my wishlist =D)

Speaking of gifts, I received numerous gifts today. First of all, I drank a starbucks Chocolate Afogato a gift for myself, then my officemate gave me a fruitcake, and last but not the least I received a golf umbrella and a jacket (cool =P)

After the Christmas party, we head on to timezone... played some games =D (its nice once in a while... but puts holes in my pocket... you know what i mean?)

Monday, December 12, 2005

My Favorite

Finally!! I've got my hands on the starbucks 2006 planner. It looks real cool, hard bound and the articles inside are nice =D There are also a few coupons inside to be used on specific dates of the year which gives you discounts. well it sure costs a lot too... 21 cups of coffee, not if you are a regular customer of starbucks of course =P So how did I complete the 21 stamps... heres what I did =D

1. I drank one cup of coffee or chocolate a day.
Believe it or not, this is the only thing you have to follow and you are sure to get the planner before December ends. (if you start now... then its too late of course =P)

2. Continue tip #1. You are sure to create a Starbucks craze in your office when you keep on drinking starbucks everyday, the more people who drink... the more stamps you get
3. Treat your family/friends to Starbucks. Since you would be spending money for 21 cups, why not share it with your friends, anyways its the Christmas season

Well thats probably what I did to get my Starbucks coffee planner. Gotta go to sleep now, I am very sleepy... I think my body is looking for that daily dose of caffeine I was introducing everyday for the past few days/weeks =D

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Do I belong in this "picture"

The other day I saw my friend's yahoo messenger's display picture. He was with Heart Evangelista, a well known Filipino Actress.... photochopped of course =P So i thought.... why not create one for myself. With the cute and beautiful Jeon Ji Hyun perhaps? =D

I started scavenging for pictures of Ji Hyun from the internet and finally after a few hours of "googling" i've finally found one that suits me. The picture shows Ji Hyun and the leading male actor from Windstruck (dunno his name =P)

My photosession started immediately =P taking pictures of my self was not as easy as I thought... especially when I was trying to copy the original picture. After taking a few pics, i tried putting it on the picture... carelessly I ended up with a failed photoshop experiment =( see exhibit 2 at the bottom of this post =P

Fortunately, my friend gave me some tips including tilting my head a little =). So with a lot more effort I ended up with exhibit 1 at the top of this post =D Don't you think the picture looks perfect? =P (I won't post the original so you would not have anything to compare it to =P)

Through this exercise... i think i've learned something... I think sometimes in life we try to fit in this perfect "picture" we have in our head and yet we fail almost instantly. The reason being trying to force ourselves to fit this particular "picture" when clearly we are not ready.. your "picture" just does not fit. But with a little bit of tweaking, a little bit of effort, a little bit more time.. we MAY someday fit this perfect "picture" we want to have...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Korean Movie Marathon

Today instead of going out to the malls which I usually do, I opted to stay home to watch three korean films :D namely "White Valentine", "Il Mare", and "Wind Struck" and there is a common thing between the three movies... the lead actress is Jeon Ji Hyun (she is so cute and beautiful!)

I don't usually do this... watch movies because of the actor or actress... especially trying to watch every movie that actor/actress played a role in, but today I tried to do that. I liked "My Sassy Girl" so much and also because I saw Jeon Ji Hyun's commercial and thought she was really very very cute (this is the second time i'm saying this in this post =P)

I started watching "White Valentine" at around 12:00 PM, I watched this first because it was her debut movie... according to the filmography i saw online. Personally I did not like the movie... it was kinda boring but I did finish it... because Jeon Ji Hyun was so cute (third time mentioned in this post =P)

"Il Mare", drama movie was nice :D the story was about two people communicating through a "magical mailbox" the mailbox of "Il Mare". "Il Mare" is the house where both people lived... one in 1997 and one in 1999. I'm not gonna spoil all the fun by narrating the story, so why not try to rent a dvd and watch it =P

"Wind Struck", now most of you probably have already watched this movie. I liked this movie too... more than "Il Mare". This story is about a police woman and a teacher who falls in love. The ending makes it look like a prequel for "My Sassy Girl" but Jeon Ji Hyun was not drunk... =D (oops spoiler ! sorry bout that=D)

Ok, now i'm looking for someone who has a DVD of "The Uninvited". The only movie starring Jeon Ji Hyun which I have not watched.... anyone have it ? can I borrow ? please ? =P

Gotta rest now... got tired watching too many movies =P (collecting wall papers of you know who =P)