Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tuesdays with Julie

My high school friend Julie. I don't know if she ever noticed, or is it just me but i think we keep on meeting on tuesdays. (hence the title tuesdays with Julie =P, sounds familiar? ever heard of the book "tuesdays with morrie" =) I love that book.....)

Julie is one of my classmates, friends back in High School. I don't know her much since I never really talked to her or any one during my high school days =P. (sometimes even now i think, although i'm really getting on improving it =P). Now don't get me wrong, i don't have my own world and I do have my own group of friends, maybe i'm just a little bit shy talking to everyone.... just a little bit.. i think =P.

Anyways, I have been bumping into her "accidentally" (yes accidentally, no joke) every tuesdays and that's why i'm writing this blog. She is really a nice person, and you could get along with her real quick (i'll confess my sins later =P jks !). It's really fun to meet someone you know, especially on those long trip back home.

Looking back, I would say one of the things i regret during my high school/college days is why i never tried to meet more people. That's why starting today, i'll try to meet more people and make friends.

P.S. back to the title. I was joking her earlier i'll write a book called "Tuesdays with Julie" =) but i don't think i'll be able to write a book, hence a blog instead =)

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Subic here I come

As I opened my eyes I peered through the window, looked at my watch.. oops 2:00 AM (wrong timeslot, too excited =P get back to sleep !). 9:00 AM now, flipping through my "Tuesdays With Morrie" as the bus started on its way to our destination, I shove my book (with care =)) into my bag and slowly doze to sleep .... after a few hours, with some complications we arrive at subic 1:00 PM =), and the day starts for me......

Right after moving out of the bus, all I could think of was food... food... and food =), fortunately we were greeted with a generous buffet by the bay (yummy) anyways after lunch we had some free time (Badminton by the beach?? cool only if the wind would cooperate=))

3:00 team building activities started, I was part of the yellow team =). The whole group is composed of five teams and we played five games =)) have listed em below.

First game
Buntot mo habol ko (Dragon's Tail)
1. Ten players are selected.
2. All players stand in line with their hands on the waist of the person in front.
3. The first person is the Dragon's Head.
4. The last person is the Dragon's Tail.
5. The head tries to catch the tail, the line must follow the head and not break.
6. All the other players try to stop the head from tagging the tail.
7. Once the tail is tagged, the group is eliminated.

Our team: 2nd to be eliminated. =)

Second game
Alakdan Race
1. Ten players are selected.
2. The first player runs/walk from starting point over a pole and back.
3. The next player ties his feet to the first player's feet.
4. The two players runs/walk from starting point over a pole and back.
5. Repeat steps 3 - 4 until all players walk over the pole.

Our team: Last to finish =)

Third game
Blind Puzzle
1. Five players are selected.
2. Three out of the five players are blindfolded and scattered in the field.
3. The remaining players are tasked to lead the three blindfolded players by giving them directions from outside the playing field.
4. The team who is able to get all parts of the puzzle wins

Our team: Champion =P

Fourth game
1. All players participate in this game.
2. Guards are placed in several lines, prohibiting players to advance.
3. When a guard is able to tap a player, the player is considered out.
4. Players who are able to move to the end and back to starting position scores a point.

Our team: No one got through =) (Our tactic was to go in all at the same time.. however I believe the strategy did not work =P)

Fifth game
Blowing balloons.
1. All players participate in this game.
2. The objective of the game is to blow the other teams balloons.
3. Each player has one balloon attached to the hand.
4. For every balloon remaining at the end of the game, gives a score to the team.

Our team: Only one balloon blew, self casualty =P (Our tactic, was to stay on our position and watch the other teams slug it out =P)

After the team building activities, we took some pictures around the place and then went back to our room to take a bath.

We had dinner at around 8:00 PM, went straight to the buffet table and have already got some food when I figured a stub was needed =P. So I had to get the stub... it was a little bit funny coz I already have food in my plate =P

Went to bed early... however I woke up midnight... was a little bit noisy out there.... just went back to sleep.

Nothing really happened the next day. We just walked in the beach, took some pictures and went home. and that's it.... this post is a little bit long =)

Friday, May 27, 2005

Challenge Darth Vader !

Bcoz of the growing popularity of starwars. A lot of sites has been sprouting here and there which is somewhat related to it =). Today i'll be showing you one of the sites I have seen which for me is a bit interesting =)

The site starts out with the usual opening sequence of starwars :). Then Darth Vader in all his black suit glory comes out. The game is simple, you are to challenge Darth Vadeer by thinking of something. He then tries to figure out the object you are thinking by asking you a series of multiple choice questions.

For me i tried thinking of a car, and these were the questions asked:
1. What are you thinking of? Other
2. Can you get information by using it? No
3. Is it pleasurable? No
4. Is it made of metal? Yes
5. Can you use it at school? No
6. Is it considered valuable? Yes
7. Is it human powered? No
8. Does it get wet? Yes
9. Can it be stolen? Yes
10. Do most people use this daily? Yes
11. Does it bring joy to people? No
12. Is some parts of it made of glass? Yes
13. Can it be used for recreation? Maybe
14. Can you buy it? Yes
15. Can you walk on it? No
16. Does it have a handle? Yes
17. I'm thinking its a taxi cab? Close
18. Is it white? No
19. Does it have a trunk? Yes
20. I'm thinking its a street car? Close
21. Is it used for entertainment? No
22. I'm thinking its a taxi? Close
23. Is it smooth? Yes
24. Would you find it on a farm? No
25. I'm thinking its a police car? No
26. Is it used by the police? No
27. Can you hold it? No
28. Do you use it at your home? No
29. I'm thinking its a truck? No
30. I'm thinking its a school bus? No

Ok so what happened? I never got the correct answer.. but then again it was close. =P Maybe i was a little bit general... all things mentioned above were close to a car =). Maybe you could try it and lemme know your results =)

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Episode III: The big day.. or is it.

Wednesday is the day.... or is it. Today, I woke up early, got to office early, and started pounding on the keyboard =P (a little exaggerated, I may say). And so time passes slowly... it is slow when you are a little bit excited =)

Then time came, 6:00 pm i got off the office run down a long long way to the cinema. Resisted the urge to eat some squidballs... resisted to take a break on the long walk... resisted to take a ride because of the traffic... finally I got there but alas the last free ticket gone =(. In order to give myself some credit for running, I went to shop instead =) a few shorts for the coming outing this saturday ! (will post that in the future =))

Thursday should be the day, I went out of the office same time as yesterday. Expecting a little less people to watch the movie..., Alas the last free ticket taken (again) just a few minutes before i got there =(

Frustrated now... not at the event but at myself (bcoz of not gettin myselft there earlier) I bought my own tickets. =P and watched the movie with my friend (male). After watching the movie, i went to buy "the 5 person you meet in heaven" from powerbooks and bought some food (real hungry). Also received a message from my "Big Sis" and we took the public transport back home ( our house is not that far apart =) ), I actually remembered something funny hehehehe..... ! someone eating really funny !

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Episode II: on Training =P

Tuesday, as soon as the clock reached 5:30 my computer shut down (automatically??) and out of the door i was =P(its so nice to get to see the afternoon sun). within a few minutes I was on my way back home in the public transport. Half an hour later i was rushing in our house, simultaneously removing my long sleeves....

Without wasting any time I took off my upper garment and threw it down the pile of clothes to be washed, in and out of the shower in 30 minutes I grabbed all the food I needed and practically devoured every last bit in a few minutes (yuck you are such a pig =P)

7:30 now, I locked myself inside the room, closed the lights and started episodes 1 & 2... After 4 grueling hours (don't take me wrong the movies were nice) of pod racing, jedi fighting, jedi smashing, light saber clankin (okay its more like light saber buzzing) I was finally able to watch episodes 1 and 2. ready for the big day.... Episode 3... To the cinemas ! yeah !

Despite the fact that I watched the two episodes attentively, there are a few questions, for me was.. left unanswered... like .. who's the father of Anakin... he did had the highest number of mitochondria... mitochondrion... metachlorion.. whatever ! and Y is that Master yoda says.. fear is the way to the dark side.... but when he speaks.. it always starts with .."I Fear.." =P (you did not notice that... maybe i was dreamin then =P)

Monday, May 23, 2005

Episode I: the preparation !

Starwars... what is starwars (oh get real!.. you don't know starwars?). On my quest to be "in" with the crowd, to be with the most talked about movie at the office, at home, and almost every where i went to.... i've decided to watch episodes 1, 2 and 3 this week.

Episode 1:
Monday, desperate to get a copy of starwars 1 and 2, I asked all my friends for it but nobody had one =( (ok well maybe you didn't try hard enough). So I went to each store i knew... alas all sold out (ok, so everyone is into this movie now) anyways after hours of walking and askin' I finally got myself a copy (it was the last copy you know).

tired now, i went home happily knowing that my quest to be a jedi ... no no no.. my quest to watch starwars has now started. I sat back, relax.. and remembering what happened the week earlier removed the dvd out and put it back onto its case. I'll reserve watching this when everyone's out. (don't wanna learn the dark side now would we =P)

Saturday, May 21, 2005

a short drive to UN Avenue

Saturday, a so-so day for me. Went to the dentist this afternoon then got home immediately after that... Bum all day. (yeah !). Anyways I "Jan" was tasked to drive my parents to their high school reunion (Ahem...) somewhere along UN Avenue that night.(why not bring their own ride ye ask? coz parking spaces was supposed to be a hard find there, nobody though we'd find a dozen free parking spaces that night =)

And so night came, being such a lazy person i didn't even bother to wear a pair of comfortable shoes... this made my really uncomfortable driving... obviously my parents notice this cause the car was in a series of sudden stops =P (i'm never gonna wear kung fu shoes to drive again.. evah !) got to UN Avenue in one piece though (do'h and you were expecting??) =)

When it was time to fetch them (ahem... didn't know if fetch is the right word.. seems a little bit .. childish), i picked the most comfortable pair of shoes i had (i only have ummmm a pair of shoes so that wasn't that hard =P). Looked at my CP (cellphone) and noticed i got a few missed calls =P (forgot to tell them i got home safely earlier). The drive back was a lot easier now, it was late, there was very little traffic and i'm not wearing kung fu shoes anymore. Well that probably sums up what I did that evening.... thinking back, there's not really anything to say except the falling kung fu shoes whenever i manuever the pedals that night hehe =P

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Why watch a movie alone @ home ?

"Do you even have to ask ?" One peaceful evening, the cool breeze, a quiet nice room, the perfect place & time to watch a movie. You slowly insert the DVD into your player... take a bag of your favorite chips... sit back... relax... and hit on the play button.... then suddenly bad things start to happen....

Someone comes in asking if he/she could join you in watching the movie (not a bad thing really at this point =) ). "Of course" you replied, then another few minutes later someone comes in "again" asking if he/she could join you in watching the movie (not a bad thing "again" really at this point =) ). But then you have to start all over coz they were not able to see the first few minutes (fine at least now I have company)

You start the movie again from the beginning... but then you hear chatter beside you... you continue to watch the movie... then after a few minutes.. you hear laughter.... (did I mention you were watching a horror movie ?)... then after a few minutes.. somebody, "again" comes into the room this time they are not joining the movie.. and joins with the growing chatter beside you....

Now half an hour into the movie... the actors appear shy... (why because you can't hear anything from the movie).... you get shocked a couple of times.. not because of the movie.. but because of the sudden laughter beside you... you get to hear the conversation going on (not a bit related to the movie, and your not even part of this chatter)... suddenly you realize you are wasting your time and start walking out of the room... everyone asks you... "where are you going, the movie is not finished yet".... (do you all even have to ask ! gosh...) and you tell them.. just call me when you are done watching... (as if they were watching) and they all realize what's happening... and they all just laugh out.. and say "ok just go on watching the movie" (as if I'm still in the mood to watch a movie now)

So "do you even have to ask" why you should watch a movie alone @ home... guess not ! =P Ciao

P.S. I really believe it is nice to have someone with you when watching a movie, why? coz you could discuss the movie with them afterwards... you have someone with you ... but sometimes... it's really annoying... when they are not there to watch the movie with you... (hey i'm ok with the occasional chatter... its actually part of the fun when you are watching a movie with someone =) )

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Always remember to smile !

have not been able to write for a few days now... been really busy.. and nothing interesting have come into mind.... Anyways... i've received a few emails lately and one is full of jokes. I'm posting them below. Have fun and always remember to smile =)


WIFE: i'm warning you! Parating na husband ko in 1 hour!
HANDSOME VISITOR: Wala naman akong ginawang masama ah?
WIFE: kaya nga! kung may balak ka, GAWIN MO NA!!!


WIFE: Himala! aga mong umuwi ngayon.
HUSBAND: Sunod ko lang utos ng boss ko. Sabi nya "GO TO HELL",
kaya ito uwi agad ako..


SEXY: Maawa ka! meron ako, meron ako!
RAPIST: AHH! Walang meron-meron sa kin! TITIKMAN KITAA!!
RAPIST: Yaakk!! Meron ka nga! Meron kang itlog. Bakla!


1st night lola wear see thru dress, lolo didn't react...
2nd night lola wear t-back, lolo still deadma...
3rd nyt lola all naked, lolo said "anu yan suot mo, gusot-gusot!!"


Juan: b-day ng asawa ko
Pedro: ano regalo mo?
Juan: tinanong ko kung ano gusto niya.
Pedro: ano naman sinabi?
Juan: Kahit ano basta may DIAMOND.
Pedro: ano binigay mo?
Juan: Baraha.


Teacher: We are descendants of Adam and Eve!
Student: That's not true! My dad says we are descendants of an Ape!
Teacher: We are not talking about your FAMILY!


Wife: Lab, may taning na ang buhay ko. Huling gabi ko na to, let's make

Husband: Heh! tumigil ka nga. Maaga pa akong gigising bukas,
buti ikaw, hindi na.


KRIMINAL1: "Pare, sigurado ka bang dito dadaan yung papatayin natin?"
KRIMINAL2: "Oo, nagtataka nga ako, 1 oras na tayo dito wala
pa rin siya! Sana naman walang nangyaring masama sa kanya."


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Help the drunk guy !

Have found this cool site today. You basically support a drunken guy from fallin' by moving the mouse to the opposite side where he is falling. The site is not in english and am not able to understand what it says but its a real fun.

My initial impression was to click the mouse at the other side of the screen when the guy was falling, bad idea almost killed the guy hehehe caused him to fall as fast as i click on the start button (the right way is to move the mouse cursor.. the drunk guy follows the mouse movement =)).

After playing with the site for a while.. I have managed to reach 70 meters. (well i played for a couple of minutes only you know). The best method i've tried would be to move the mouse cursor only when the guy is fallin', just keep moving the mouse to the opposite direction... slowly until he stands straight. Be careful not to move the mouse too much as this guy falls quite easily =)

Site was a real fun, hope you enjoy it and good day everyone! (btw, if you are wonderin "where is the link" just click on the title friend =P )

Saturday, May 14, 2005

And finally we've met

No no no no....., she's not who you think she is, she's my friend (my big "sis" as i call her). Finally, having known her for days (weeks, months ... OK actually more than a year now) we've finally met. (ok guys and gals, drop it, whatever your thinking that is =) and just enjoy reading the rest of the post)

It was a saturday morning, I have promised to accompany her to buy some things for her outreach the next day (I should have accompanied her last week but she had to do something so it was postponed till today). We've agreed to meet somewhere near the place where we'll be buying the materials @ exactly 8:00 am. However she woke up late (haha actually i'm grateful coz i was afraid i'll be late too, she'll probably choke me if that happens =P ).

I really didn't have any idea about how she looks ( all I got from her was a "ive got black skin and violet hair" description ), but it's fairly easy to spot someone when you know they're looking for you =). My "big sis" looked younger than what I have imagined. I imagined her having some wrinkles, some white hair hehe (jan run and hide someone's got a butcher knife looking for you). Joking aside she looks cute ( a little bit.. just a little bit chubby ), is fairly tall, and is really such a nice person to be with =).

So how did it went? well we were able to accomplish our objective of buying the outreach materials at a low low price (I hope so), a few scissors, crayons and some pencil sharpeners did the job and we were able to finish before lunch time (even had time to scout for some additional items inside the mall) =) I helped her carry the items back, just in time for me to go catch my ride back home =).

Friday, May 13, 2005

i'm "fallin" for this song

early morning... it was the last song played before going into the office.. and it stayed with me through out the day... (its great to have such a nice voice.. like me... jks =P ). The last song played is the OST of the "koreanovela" - "Full house".

The song is "fallin", sung by Janno Gibbs. Have jot down the lyrics: (If you feel you like the song please support our music industry, by buying only Original CDs and Cassette tapes from your local audio shop =) )

Fallin' by Janno Gibbs (Album: Seven)

ooh... yeah..

our litle
are turning into little sweet sensation
and they're only
getting sweeter everytime

our friendly get togethers
are turning
into visions of forever
if i just believe this foolish heart of mine

i can't pretend
that i'm just a friend
'cause i'm thinking maybe
we were meant to be

i think i'm fallin', fallin' in love
with you
and i don't, i don't know what to do
i'm afraid you'd turn away
but i'll say it anyway

i think i'm fallin... for you
i'm fallin' for you...

whenever we're together
wishing that
goodbyes would turn to never
'cause with you is where i'll always wanna be
whenever i'm beside you
all i really wanna do is hold you
no one
else but you has meant this much to me

i cant pretend
that i'm just
a friend
'cause i'm thinking maybe we were meant to be

repeat chorus 2x

coda 2:
i think i'm fallin'... for you
i'm fallin' for you
i'm fallin', i'm fallin' for you
i'm fallin', i'm fallin' for you
and i don't know what to do, yeah
fallin', i'm fallin' for you
its funny sometimes.. I just feel like... every word.. every note.. every beat from the song.. just rhymes with the beat of my heart (sniff sniff, wipes eyedrops. =P jks )

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Squidballs 101

It was thursday night...... Passing through the last door out of the office building, the hot weather is immediately felt (the heat prompts one to reconsider going back to work just because of the cooler environment =P ). Instantly i'm relieved to have left my jacket @ the office, pulling my sleeves back i slowly trod the generously lit streets of the city.

On my way home now, i pass through several street vendors... a dirty ice cream stand, a tricycle of softdrinks, hot steamed corn, i slowly moved pass them.. in favor of my favorite... Manong's squidball stand (slurp slurp).

Upon reaching my favorite vendor, my hand almost automatically retrieves the loose changes I have accumulated throughout the day, handing them to "Manong", my hands stretched to accept a barbecue stick. (Please see squidball stand 101 below to familiarize oneself on how to eat squidballs =P ) Aiming the stick at the pool of squidballs, chickenballs, and "kwek kwek" available, I selectively picked up four (uber big =P) squidballs and four chickenballs, slowly placing them on the small paper plate I have on my other hand, pouring my favorite sweet and spicy sauce on them I slowly savored each bite.. with each bite relieving me temporarily of the hungriness i now felt. After a few minutes, satisfied and happy I commute back home. (Have I ever mentioned we were a group..... =) )

Squidball stand 101.
How to eat squidballs
  1. Pay Manong the amount equal to the number of squidballs (for other products refer to Appendix A) you'd like to eat.
  2. Accept magical barbecue stick.
  3. Aim barbecue stick at desired squidball.
  4. Stab desired squidball (wrong adjective?? any suggestions)
  5. Select favorite sauce (Appendix B)
  6. Dunk Squidball on favorite sauce.
  7. Enjoy !

Appendix A Products available
(No need to explain right ??)
Chicken Ball (another variant of squidballs, they say it's made of chicken. However I feel it's just squidball studded with pepper =P)
Tukneneng (quail eggs covered in orange flour like substance)
Kwek Kwek (Bigger version of tukneneng)

Appendix B Sauce available
Sweet and Spicy

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A "homework" for my big sis !

I've talked myself into doing a task for my big "sis" today. There's this chinese song she's been listening to for a while now, and ive promised to provide the pinyin + a "rough" translation of the whole song in english.

Well big "sis" below is the translation. ( Hope I have not made too many mistakes =) )

當您. (dang nin:when you) by 王心凌 (wang xin ling:cyndi wang)
如果有一天 (ru guo you yi tian:if there is one day)
我回到從前 (wo hui dao cong qian:I return to old times)
回到最原始的我 (hui dao zui yuan shi de wo:back to the most primitive me)
你是否會覺得我不錯 (ni shi fou hui jue de wo bu cuo:will you think i'm not so bad)
如果有一天 (ru guo you yi tian:if there is one day)
我離你遙遠 (wo li ni yao yuan:I am far away from you)
不能再和你相約 (bu neng zai he ni xiang yu:cannot meet with you)
你是否會發覺我已經說再見 (ni shi fou hui fa jue wo yi jing shuo zai jian:will you feel ive said goodbye)

當你的眼睛瞇著笑 (dang ni de yan jing mi ze xiao:when your eyes smile)
當你喝可樂當你吵 (dang ni he ke le dang ni cao:when you drink coke when you quarrel)
我想對你好 (wo xiang dui ni hao:I want to be good to you)
你從來不知道 (ni cong lai bu zhi dao:you never once knew)
想你想你 (xiang ni xiang ni: thinking of you thinking of you)
也能成為嗜好 (ye neng cheng wei shi hao:will become a hobby)

當你說今天的煩惱 (dang ni shuo jin tian de fan nao:when you spoke of today's troubles)
當你說夜深你睡不著(dang ni shuo ye shen ni sui bu zao:when you spoke of the night you can't sleep)
我想對你說 (wo xiang dui ni shuo:I want to tell you)
卻害怕都說錯 (que hai pa dou shuo cuo:but am afraid that ill say samething wrong)
好喜歡你 (hao xi huan ni:I like you very much)
知不知道 (zhi bu zhi dao:do you know)
如果有一天 (ru guo you yi tian:if there is one day)
夢想都實現 (meng xiang dou shi xian:dreams will come true)
回憶都成了永遠 (hui yi dou cheng le yong yong yuan:memories will become forever)
你是否還會記得今天 (ni shi fou hai hui ji de jin tian:will you still remember today)
如果有一天 (ru guo you yi tian:if there is one day)
我們都發覺 (wo men dou fa jue:when we all realize)
原來什麼都可以 (yuan lai shen me dou ke yi:that everything may happen)
無論是否還會停留在這裡 (wu lun shi fou hai hui ting liu zai zhe li:even if everything will stop here)

重唱 (zhong chang:repeat) *,%

也許空虛讓我想得太多 (ye xu kong xu rang wo xiang de tai duo:maybe free time have made me think too much)
也許該回到被窩 (ye xu gai hui dao bei wo:maybe I should return to my nest)
夢裡會相遇 (meng xiang hui xiang yu:we'll meet in dreams)
就毫不猶豫 (jiu hao bu you yu:without holding back)
大聲的說我要說 (da sheng de shuo wo yao shuo:shout what I would like to say)

重唱 (zhong chang:repeat) *

啦~ (la)
啦~ (la)
我想對你說 (wo xiang dui ni shuo:I want to tell you)
卻害怕都說錯 (que hai pa dou shuo cuo:but am afraid that ill say samething wrong)
好喜歡你 (hao xi huan ni: like you very much)
知不知道 (zhi bu zhi dao:do you know)
啦~ (la)
啦~ (la)
btw my big "sis" is not really my sister, she's a friend of mine which i'v met @ the office. I'm calling her my big "sis" coz she's a few year(S) older than I am =P. Have not met her in person yet... and I really don't know if she can sing... (hey did that glass just crack...=P )

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Welcome, My first ever blog

Hello Pipol! Welcome. Please feel free to look around (although there are no posts yet as of this moment =))!) This is my first ever blog site.... and I'm not really sure if i'm doing things right so please bear with me if i'm doing all sorts of stupid things here lol.

Anyways, I’d like to welcome u (again) and just a brief description of this site, I’ll be posting some things I’ve done during the day… for no apparent reason =)… or maybe ill treat it as a personal… public diary (now that makes sense).

For today. I’ve finally created my first post… I have actually created an account a few weeks back but did not have any time to post anything. So here I am today, writing my first post…… (this is hard.. it took me a few hours just to put these few lines up here whew !)