Thursday, April 10, 2008

new blog

i created a new blog! jan-jans thought's (as if i had time to maintain a blog). the site should contain some of my thoughts... then ill probably update this blog with all the cute things i see... i dunno... lets see how it comes out next time.

aside from that i have been busy at work for the last couple of weeks... months... and there is probably nothing to say except im tired and having fun too =D the change in the pace of work is a welcome and makes things interesting... though im still not so happy that i'd want to come in on weekends =D who'd want that right?

its been a while since i dropped in here and reading through my old posts... i am kinda moving out of the subject of my blog so that has to change. its supposed to list down all the cute, interesting things and not "other things" like being happy sad... that should probably go into my diary.

adios and ill try to maintain my blog.