Monday, August 15, 2005

Crossing the river IQ game =)

Another flash game.. well this one will keep you busy guessing for the right combination (I hope =P) As a summary a family is lost in the woods, they met a policeman with a robber (striped shirt). Along their their journey they come across a river, which they need to pass through and the rules are as follow (mechanics =P)(i'm sure some of you have already heard this by mouth iq game... but it probably looks cute here so try it =P)

1. There is a total of 8 persons who should cross the river. They are composed of the following
a. Father
b. Sons X 2
c. Mother
d. Daughter X 2
e. Policeman & Robber
2. Only the Father, Mother, and Police can drive the raft
3. The Sons cannot be left with the mother without their father, because the Mother will punish the Sons (dunno why though)
4. The daughters cannot be left with the father without their mother, because the Father will punish the Daughters
5. The Robber cannot be left to any member of the family because he'll escape (dunno why the police won't put the handcuffs on this guy though =P)
6. Only two persons are to ride the raft or it would sink
7. Good Luck!!! and God Bless !!

It took me around 30 minutes to solve this problem =( (a tad slow i think), anyways as a tip, don't be afraid to go around the raft as many times as you can.. theres no limit =P... If you still can't figure something out... ill give you some hints if you want... just post em below. Good day !

Sunday, August 14, 2005

A new site under

Today I've actually finished moving my posts to but i'm not gonna let go of my blogger account just yet.. The new site only contains links to this site and you'll still be reading whole posts here =)

The msn site has a lot of other features... it seems like an sts site. You could post pictures, list of books list of blogs and some other neat stuff =) But i'm probably not yet ready to leave my blogger site... i've already liked this site and i'm all familiar with it =)

Today is probably rest day, I went to church the whole morning.. went home got some sleep.. went out to eat .. rest for another few hours at home again... in other words i rested the today.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Wedding crashers.. all by myself..

Don't get me wrong, I do not crash weddings... even if I was with someone... (well maybe i'll reconsider if there's someone with me =P jks). Today I've went to watch wedding crashers in the theaters... starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. My theme song.. all by myself =( coz again... ill be watching a movie by myself =(

Anyways I still enjoyed the day, I woke up @ around 10 AM and took a bath. Went to rest and eat some food before I went out to the mall. I brought with me two cans of spuds potato chips which i've bought at a bargain price of 15 PHP per can =P I arrived there a few minutes... actually a few hours before the film starts... so I went walking around the mall.

I bought myself a footlong sandwich.. plus an iced tea... with my two cans of spuds.. I looked as if i'm going on a picnic inside the theater =P. I sat down at the fourth row.. sat back and relaxed. I started on the footlong sandwich, even before the film actually started i've already finished my sandwich and started on my spuds potato chips =P

The film was great and real funny (of course a lot of people suggested this movie). I'm not gonna tell you anything about the movie though... please go and watch it yourself =) I might spoil everything ... if i'd say something =). I went back home after the movie (after some more window shopping of course)

Friday, August 12, 2005

Team building Rockwell

It was postponed till today... it was originally scheduled wednesday last week, wall climbing somewhere in forgot the place... hehehe. but due to the rainy season... it was raining like mad... so it never push through... (we might slip you know... =P)

So it was originally postponed till wednesday this week... but still it never went through... there are currently two storms in Manila so you probably could imagine how strong were the winds and rains =). Till today, we have decided to scrap the wall climbing thing if it still kept on raining and go play bowling in Rockwell instead on friday=)

After office, we rode a cab to rockwell (others went on a car =P). after a few minutes of travel we arrived at rockwell and went directly straight to the bowling venue... (forgot the name... i think i'm gettin old forgetting everyone's names =P). That was when we discovered the lanes were occupied till 9PM... a tournament was on going.. so we went to have a sumptuous dinner at Shakey's first. We had some mojo potatoes... two pieces of pizza... a chicken... some spaghetti and salad (oops almost forgot ... a ... small cake... again.. forgot what it's called..=P)

At around 8:30PM we got two lanes, divided into two groups and started playing. I really don't know how to play bowling... in fact this is the second time i'm playing... and i've got to tell you... I scored the least.. in all three games... way way below the next lowest score =(.. i managed to pull one strike though =P at least =P

Thursday, August 11, 2005

2nd Year anniversary working =)

I have not written anything for the past few weeks and i'm getting a little bit guilty =P (cause it says something i did today and yet I have not post anything... ,i've just said that did I =P). Anyways today is my second year anniversary working =) congratulations to my self !

Today, I would like to greet all fc8/11 group (2003) a happy second year anniversary working... fc8/11 by the way means Feeling Close August 11, it was a group name we created when we all first met in the orientation day, we created a mailing list... and we gather together sometimes... =).

I would say after working for 24 months... that it has been a pleasure working... while working I have met a lot of nice, great people... I have learned a lot of things... and..... i don't know other things to say =) (mimicking tv soap operas .... words just can't express blah blah ... hehe maybe it's true though.. cause i can't say anything =P)

And so what happens after these 24 months?.... my bond is finished... some say it's independence day... (yeah that is true... to some extent... i've never really felt tied... maybe i was enjoying what i was doing =))I guess i'll stay ... and continue to work on... and enjoy my work.

Monday, August 01, 2005

The Crimson Room

Today my friend Tina, has introduced me to this flash game she recently played online. It's not really some big mmorpg and yet it's real addictive (frustrating at times) and very time consuming... (if you don't know the answer that is!)

This game was created by Toshimitsu Takagi (and believe me I don't know who he is.... but since you read his name here... better start your research and tell me =P i'm a little bit lazy right now). You are trapped in this square room and your goal is to get out using objects/items which can be found laying all over the place. (don't understand why he can't just whack the door know off.... you basically do the same thing at the end of the game =P hey that's a tip... remember that =P)

It took me a few minutes..... actually hours playing this game. I even needed a little help from mr. google =P. As a tip, the game runs on how you click on the flash page... try to click on those corners, sides, different colored walls/floors. Try to move things repeatedly.... ok that's probably it... and if you can't get through the game.. simply post a question in the comments section and i'll be willing to divulge some information =P

P.S. You may also find a lot of guides online.... but I thought itll be nice to have some interaction in this page =P Have a nice day !