Friday, September 30, 2005

Young Professional Fellowship

After office I went to join Young Professional Fellowship in our church (United Evangelical Church of the Philippines). This was my first time attending and was nicely entertained by my friends from High School =)

I arrived at around 7:20 PM, dinner was served there. I've met some new friends and started filling up the bio data form =P. Today's topic was to live a debt free lifestyle by Dr. Andrew Liuson. Some thing which i'd like to share:

Cut Credit Cards. Yes I know most of you would tell me that you use credit cards but pay them on time, however it gives us a false sense of power. The other day I went shopping for a book and I used cash despite an advise from my friend to use my credit card. What a difference, after that I was unwilling to spend money to buy anything else since I knew i'll be over my budget. If I had used my Credit Card I'll probably continue spending =P

After that... what else... I went home... =P Have a nice day !

Keeping in touch

"I'll miss them" was the first thing that came into my mind this morning, that was upon knowing that some of my friends were leaving the country for "greener pastures" =P (they told me today... and they are leaving today =( ....speechless !!). "Its probably for the better" they say....true =)

I'd like to say kudos to all of you.. for being able to go out there and try your luck in a foreign country. I wish you all success... and hope to see you guys again.. someday soon. (i mean if we/you visit..... =P)

Thinking about it for a while, it shouldn't be much of a problem to keep in touch. Here are some ways I'd think of:

Email, Letters can be sent in an instant through email...FREE OF CHARGE and if that's not enough we have the dependable chat clients,Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Google Talk... you name it... i probably got it =P although sometimes you receive a message a day delayed =P (at least you still received the message =P ) and theres even VOIP (VOIP stands for Voice over internet protocol, it allows computer users to make telephone calls using a computer network ) =P

then again... nothing compares to meet friends personally... face to face =)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

International Coastal Cleanup

Today, i've joined another volunteer service =) for a good cause =P. International Coastal Cleaup Day, (aww you missed it =P) is celebrated every third saturday of September in an effort to keep our beaches, lakes .... and so on =) clean! "This is an international event celebrated all over the world" as reiterated by the organizers =P Before the actual eventI thought I was gonna jump across the ledge into Manila Bay's shore.. guess i was wrong...

Upon arriving at the site, I immediately went to the shore and figured it was not gonna happen =(. Anyways, at least it was not raining anymore and it was not blazingly hot either. The event proper started at around 9 AM, with our free t-shirts on (yahooo free t-shirt) we started picking up the trash along Manila Bay.

Boy were the organizers right about the activity being an international event, schools and other organizations flooded the whole Manila bay (and where are we supposed to start picking up trash??? THEY'VE ALL BEEN PICKED UP!?!?... ok guess i'm just exaggerating.. there are still some trash here and there =P)

It probably took us around an hour to finish cleaning up, I was able to pick up a lot of cigarette butts, candy wrappers, barbecue sticks, "tansans", and a shoe ! Well i guess to prevent this from the future is to stop people from smoking there?... that would probably be a solution that'll solve two problems in one go... Less trash... and less smoke =P

The activity was successful in a way(yes we did reduce trash in Manila Bay... i hope :D), but i think there were a lot of things we could improve on next time around. (or so i think =P)
1. We have to bring in some nets, I think it's more important to scoop those trash down there...
2. Somebody organize a event for all to take part in??... there were a lot of other organizations around there and maybe if everybody talked first... we could split the area so we won't be cleaning and looking for trash in the same places...
3. ....... don't have anything to say anymore... can somebody help me fill a list of reasons here? (Achi? Sef? Grace? Glenda?) AHA!!! we encountered a Severity 1 problem FOOD WAS LATE !!!

So what's next after a hard morning's work? rest of course !! I went straight to (with Achi, Grace, and Glenda... although they went back to the office... did they??? =P)Makati, Greenbelt to catch a movie, "Cinderella man" great movie.. you should go watch it. After that I went on to greenhills, just in time for an appointment with my dermatologist =P whew !

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Signature campaign: Haribon

Today i'm doing something for a good cause... save the Natural forests and mines in the Philippines =P by joining a signature campaign to stop illegal logging. Btw, the event is hosted by Haribon Foundation, it is a organization dedicated to conservation of the Philippine biodiversity. To know more about them visit their site (link on the title of this article =) )

As I was travelling home, I got my signature sheet, blank (each sheet should have 30 signatures), and started offering every person i've met on the road to sign it (of course i started looking for people I frequently met =P)... surprisingly no one turned me down... it must be real easy when you are doing something nice. of course there are still some people who would raise their eyebrows upon seeing a signature sheet... =P you'll just have to let them know you are not making some hocus pocus "thing" with that signature sheet =P

From this experience i've learned some things... some things which you probably would not learn any other way... and here they are:
1.) Sometimes it's easier to sell something to a stranger. why? because they wont ask too many questions, they'll just pick up a pen and sign on it =P
2.) Getting some peoples signature is probably a nice way to practice your sales skills. The paper somewhat acts as your product and the signature is the payment you get when you are able to successfully sell your product.
3.) It's nice talking to some new people ! maybe you already know this but i think i'm just beginning to like it =P. Beware though... sometimes some people just won't return a nice greeting.

Well that's probably about it... btw i've managed to collect 18 signatures 12 left for tomorrow =P also distributed some sheets to my sister... its easier to collect signatures in schools =P i think !