Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A whole month without posts

I haven't been updating my blog for about a month now, and seriously... i'm sorry, its really a shame my blog name is "something i did today" when i'm updating once a month =P.

Have been very busy lately, kinda busy... yes i think i was busy =P. As a summary, I have been for the last month:
  • tinkering with my new phone.
    Yes, finally i have bought a new phone to replace my old, handy dandy, trusted nokia 6210. I've been using the phone for around 3-4 years now and i'd say it was well worth its money. If it was not for its broken power switch, its messy lcd, handful of scratches, and a 10% success rate of sending a text message i would not have changed it yet =P btw i replaced it with an N70 =D maybe ill write a review about it next time.

  • writing articles =D
    I have been doing some writing gigs, small sidelines just for a change. The pay is not that big... but if you are interested... you may want to visit "www.seriousscribbles.com" =D and look for Jien

  • Looking for a mall space
    Looking for a mall space for a franchise, May be you could recommend one ? =D... me and some of my friends have been planning to franchise this ... better keep my mouth shut first =D... for no reason =D ...

  • watching movies, dvds and television
    Yeah, yeah. watched all sorts of film. Munich, Fearless, CSI, etc. I have also tried the Lazy boy Cinemas in Gateway Mall =D cozy... very nice place... with double the normal theater rate :|